Great first step.

Hey, we understand it’s hard to consider that life may not always roll along as you thought it might. And you think you’ll sort out some insurance, at some stage. We get that.

And you aren’t alone. Most kiwi’s are desperately under insured,
especially with regards to their life and we want to change that.

So, welcome to Parka.
We take that first step with you, putting your life first.

We make it easy.

With only 1 hour of your time, we can create an insurance plan that works, for you. We’ll meet you wherever it’s easy - on the phone, online or on a café veranda.

We understand,

We know that household budgets have a lot of stretching to do these days, so we start with a simple financial survey before we meet, to get a picture of where you are at.

This is only part of the equation though. In our hour together, we will talk you through the different scenarios that could affect you financially – and learn what you have available to deal with them. It’s personal, and your needs won’t be the same as your neighbours.

We get to work

There’s the numbers and there’s your story. It’s a ‘head and heart’ equation for us. We use everything we’ve learnt from you, your stage of life and available finances and we go to market, to get the best value and just the insurance you need.

You get the best

Being objective means we can assess the ‘pros and cons’ of each company. We have some great relationships, partnerships that we value, but when it comes to your plan, we start with what will be best.

We walk you through,

Now we have your plan ready to go, we take you through it. We’ll explain how each of the covers would work to support you, which insurer we’ve handpicked for you and importantly – how much it will cost with that insurer. You decide what aspects of the plan feel like they match your priorities and make the final call.

then we action your plan.

We help you with your application, simplifying the jargon and paperwork and ensure you disclose all that is important. We follow it through until your plan is in place. And, we are just a phone call away at any time you have questions.

Life changes,

One thing we know is, life never stands still. Moving house, starting a new job or growing your family – a life event is a good time for a chat. Knowing about any changes for you means we can adjust your plan to support you. We’ll also send you a questionnaire once a year to touch base and capture any changes that could reshape your life plan.

and being there during claim time.

This is the time where we can be there for you. Supporting you through your claim, giving you guidance along the way and doing everything we can to ensure your experience is stress free and successful. It’s at this moment that the plan we’ve put in place, takes care of you and your family.