Supporting people
who do great work
is big for us.

There is a lot of love out there in the community.
Many people adding to other people’s lives.
We are incredibly proud to be a small part of their work.

Our local club

Sport can play such an important role in the lives of children. The skills they learn both on and off the field, the life-long friendships that form and the strong sense of confidence, pride and community serve them well.

We now understand more about both the physical and emotional impacts of sport that need support and we’re proud that we can help provide access to a mental health programme for local rugby players.

Fed & nurtured

This is a grassroots Porirua organisation that saw the need and has built a solution with the local community. Providing free cooking education for adults teaches skills & builds up confidence.

'Transforming lives through food' is their mission and we are proud to support them.


"Having people that are genuine and that take the time to understand you and your situation is what makes Parka and the team stand out."

Porirua Trailblazers

Porirua Trailblazers is a community-based running club. Their focus is on rangatahi aged 8-17 who have been impacted by trauma, stress and mental health challenges.

Their programme engages young people in trail running as a means of building resilience, setting and achieving personal goals, and developing both social and emotional skills.

It’s a treat

A simple goal for children facing a range of complex issues – put a smile on their faces, for at least one day this year!

Events across the country, treat the children to a day of celebrity stage shows, fun rides, interactive games and plenty of yummy food.


"The Parka team are next level. They listen, they action what is right for you and are there when you need them the most. Thank you for the breaking the model and for the customer first model you have in place. Keep up the excellent work. Highly recommend! 5 Star"

A life saver

Knowing how important it is to keep fit and also being ready for any emergency, has made our support of Urban Athletes super meaningful.

We have ensured they have a lifesaving defibrillator that is accessible to their members and our local community.