Parka was established in 2012 by Amadee and Lance Parker-Wadham; it’s an Insurance Planning Business designed to maximise insurance value to clients – every time.

The insurance world is detailed and complex. To get the best out of your cover you need experts to create the ideal package for you right now.

We make it our business to understand your needs. This means that we can tailor a plan that delivers financial support to you when faced with unexpected illness or loss of a loved one.

For our clients, being unable to work when faced with injury or illness won’t be financially devastating.

Having the right support at claim time can make all the difference in a very difficult time. It’s why we do what we do – we’ve got you, just in case.

Amadee Parker-Wadham

Managing Director / Adviser
0275 739 136

Knowing you’re prepared for whatever life brings is my passion! I make sure that your plan does what you expect, when you need it to.

Lance Parker-Wadham

Director / Adviser
021 439 413

I work closely with you, making sure that your insurance plan is on point for your needs; analysing and mitigating risk is my specialty.

Kate Harris

027 411 3003

Expect the unexpected! Let’s talk about what might happen in your life and managing change positively.

James Gill

027 432 4862

Let’s get ahead of the game! I work with you to uncover risk and make sure you know how your covered when you need it.

Kirsten Evans

Client Support

04 974 5657

Don’t feel overwhelmed about getting your insurance sorted, we’ll step through the process together.

Anna Minot

Business Support Manager

04 974 5657

When it’s time to make a claim there’s no need to worry about the details - I’m here to support you.

Trudie Rutherford

Client Care Specialist

027 472 7521

The one constant in life is change. I make sure that your insurance cover adjusts with you – we’ve got you covered.

Making the right choices for you

We are a family-owned business, and adding value to our clients is at the heart of what we do. We work with you to uncover risk and advise exactly how to best deal with it.